Q2 | Call for Directors

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Our Q2 Board Meeting will be held on Sunday May 5th @ 5 PM at the Moon Under the Water Pub.

Every Quarter, we put out a new request to the community for those that wish to get involved, shape the Tribe, build capacity for our programs, and help keep our creative scene vibrant. Should you be interested in mentoring or volunteering we're seeking to reach some huge goals this year including non profit status - and we need your support.

Click to submit an application and formally get involved.

Prospective Directors are invited to sit in on our Q2 Board Meeting to listen in on the Elder's vision for the future. At the end of the meeting - meditate on it. If you would like to be nominated for a leadership role, you have until the 10th to come forward and make an existing director aware of your intentions and what special projects or initiatives you'd like to lead. The existing directors will then take a vote to make it official.

We're always seeking to collaborate with new energies and volunteers - every season we formally recruit and recognize those that are leading the Tribe as our Directors at Large.

Expectations of Directors:

  • General Wednesdays: Attend our weekly meetings and check in via Slack to offer project updates. We aim for 1 monthly planning meeting, and three work sessions. During our weekly check-in we work with volunteers to action the tasks outlined in our minutes and Trello. We also check-in on our personal capacity. We all have big dreams, and live big lives.

  • Slack + Trello: It's not for everyone - but we depend on it. Every Wednesday we review and discuss what tasks are in motion so we ask directors to update their tiles by 6 PM that day and add any key topics to our agenda.

  • Special Projects: Coordinate and collaborate with volunteers on at least 1 special project / deliverable for the Tribe's studio or productions each season.

  • Review Meeting minutes: if you can't make a meeting get yourself up to date by skimming the mins and checking Trello (and the tile notes) to check in on our timeline.

  • Be an Ambassador: We ask that all our directors strive to be role models in their scene - demonstrate self-respect, practice harm reduction and intervention, be peer-oriented, mentor others, and approach projects with a supportive and community minded attitude.

  • Don't Make Phil Sad: Loyalty and reliability is one of our most significant values and crucial for our initiatives - we ask directors to communicate clearly and deliver the projects they take charge of. We're all here to help each other with our goals.

If you'd like to attend a meeting please listen in, share your thoughts, and keep it confidential - respect means everything to us.


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