• Jono Yervantian

Lets talk about our Membership Program

Updated: Jan 9

We would like to clear the air on some things, so pull up a chair, and lets have a chat.

We would like to open an honest and clear dialogue with our community regarding our membership program and the reasoning that drove us to make the decision to create it in the first place.

We understand that the membership program is a relatively foreign concept to the local electronic/arts/music community. Building a membership base is key action as we further our non-profit transition. We decided to launch with a pricing tier that equals $1.60 / month.

At the same time, we hear your concerns regarding our intentions. While our community has experienced a rise in entertainment fees and losses of some key venues, we see how our annual membership fee could be viewed as just another way to make more money.

However, we want to make ourselves very clear; we are not interested in exclusivity, nor are we interested in gouging a profit. In fact, the opposite is true.

As a volunteer-run organization, production company and studio space, the only forms of revenue we have to support our programming are from tenants - which pay for the studio space and amenities, ticket sales from our private events, and our large scale public productions. The time and dollar value invested into these projects is significant.

Without another source of revenue, it has proven difficult to maintain our high standard of productions while also creating a sustainable operating structure for our future. So, the added revenue stream from annual membership fees will indeed help us continue to deliver the caliber of events that our community loves.

Non-members will continue to be welcomed at our public events around town - we're announcing our Winter/Spring productions soon! Members will gain access to the resources in our website portal and be able to purchase a maximum of TWO reservations in order to bring a friend to our studio-based productions.

But what's even more important than the financial realities of operating an organization such as ours, was the realization that something needed to be done in order to vet people at the door, hold people accountable, and keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable at our private events. Your safety and comfortable experience are of paramount importance to us and many ideas were discussed to address this. The reality of the situation is that hosting private after-hours events brings with it increased scrutiny from authorities, and opens us up to a range of liabilities including the safety and behavior of our guests both inside and outside our space.

After much internal deliberation, we made the decision to move to a membership program to access our private events so that we could ensure that everybody in attendance would be accountable for their actions, and have read and agreed to abide by our Code of Conduct and Membership Agreement. Therefore protecting both us and our guests while also providing grounds to deal with situations in a professional and safe manner.

To this end, we believe the membership program will ultimately help curate a community-oriented, intimate, and safer experience. Perhaps it will even inspire a driving force of change in our community, and further Victoria as a place for the arts to thrive and prosper.

Through the knowledge, education and understanding that our team has gained through our Good Night Out training, we hope to continue to inspire positive change related to consent culture and harm reduction not only at our own productions but at non-affiliated events as well.

There are many other benefits and perks of the membership program as well. We encourage you to take a moment and thoroughly read through our:

As always, we thank you for your continued support and understanding as we grow and learn how to better serve our community as an incubator of local artists, musicians, and events alike. A huge thanks to our Executives Kata and Helena for developing this program and initiative. Please do not hesitate to join the conversation on the Facebook post, we would love to hear any thoughts, questions or concerns relating to any part of our programming. You can always submit comments anonymously via our feedback page.

Ultimately this membership program was designed to help us be able to curate the programming that directly benefits you, our community, as well as prepare us for our transition in non-profit status. Once we've registered as a non-profit we are accountable to our membership base - you can elect leadership to represent you at our AGM. We hope that through its adoption we will demonstrate the depth and maturity of our community and the potential to curate intimate unforgettable experiences that have rarely been realized in our world.

Click through our blog to get up to date on news releases, our membership Q&A, log-in coaching and other resources related to our programming. The chat bubble is a great way to reach us with your questions.

- Jono Yervantian

Marketing Director


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