What We Learned From Our 24-Hour Beach Gathering

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

photo by j gavin photography

Written by Kata T. & Jono Y.

On August 31st, we were reminded that we have such a vibrant electronic music culture and following in Victoria. With a couple posts, an event page, no printed posters or street team, and just another great poster design from Ryan and a line up announcement ... we ended up with over 2.1 K organic views on a promotional post and attracted over 500 people to our unreleased location.

We're grateful for all the love and warm feedback, especially from the fam that traveled from Vancouver.

Overall we feel as though this beach gathering was a huge success. Unfortunately we were forced to conclude the event at midnight after it became known to the authorities. We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who worked so hard to make it possible, and to all of the artists that we regrettably couldn't showcase on this occasion. We especially want to extend gratitude to our security, directors and volunteers that shouldered the labor of dispersing a stoked 500+ person crowd at the peak of the celebrations. Thank you everyone for your work, time, and belief in the quality of our productions!

photo by j gavin photography

We also learned that:

  • You all really, really, love the work that Colm Knight (Bone Button Brigade) does for our community regarding harm reduction and that you see us working towards being better advocates of harm reduction at all of our events.

  • We have outgrown some of our older outdoor venues... which is why we're in the process of securing new private land to host safer and more polished events.

We will continue to have security present at our events, and will continue to actively ask and promote that people be good to one another. We hope you keep coming prepared to enjoy and navigate the terrain at all our outdoor events as safely as possible. Please continue to be kind and respectful to the people keeping us all safe, and look for safe ways home from all our events.

Now to answer a few questions:

Q: Why did you point the stage down the beach (basically at the neighborhood) when they could have been pointed at the water to limit the risk of noise complaints!?

A: High tide and driftwood limited our stage space and layout given the turnout we anticipated... We had safety concerns should the stage be pointed at the water. Also, if you bring a complete PK rig with two sub bins chances are people are going to hear you regardless of where you point the speakers. We were fortunate to get almost 12 hours before the authorities shut down our event.

Q: Why are there not more ladies featured in your lineups?!

A: Showcasing diversity and emerging talent is what we're all about. In fact we had two female DJ's throw down fantastic sets at this event. We also believe that many female and non-binary artists lack the visibility they deserve in this industry. PLEASE help us get better acquainted with more female and non-binary talent by forwarding their profiles to Allan whose leads our artist relations (nalla.submersive@gmail.com). Submersive Tribe has some crucial female energy at the core of its leadership, who take the lead on many behind the scenes aspects of the studio and collective. Shout-out to Juju, Crystal, Helena, and Kata for their under-acknowledged efforts in developing the Tribe's website, and emerging programming, policies, and aesthetics.

Q: When's the next event?!

A: Glad you're wanting more from us ;) Our large scale public productions will return, but this fall and winter we're taking a deep focus on our collective and studio based programming. Our focus for the coming months will be on launching our membership program, developing our-non profit mandate and bylaws, bringing back studio live-streams!, monthly members only boiler room style events, hosting mixers for our residents and launching a fall workshop series. It's also time for some professional growth and personal work for the board of directors, as we learn how to be better leaders and caretakers of our local electronic music scene.


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